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Seasonal Plant Dyes by Alicia Hall

“Fascinating and well-illustrated . . . Hall has in the main selected plants which do not require excessively arcane procedures to produce exquisite colors.” —AboutMyGeneration 

This beautifully illustrated book takes you on a botanical journey through the year, showing you how to create colorful and environmentally friendly plant dyes. You’ll learn sustainable methods of growing and harvesting plants; the tools and techniques required to extract dye; which fabrics and yarns to choose; and the simple method of using soy milk as a fixative, to ensure rich and long-lasting colors. 

The book includes easy-to-follow tutorials explaining how to make four stunning pieces using seasonal plant dyes: a linen cushion cover, embroidered picnic blanket, hot water bottle cozy, and quilt.

Seasonal Plant Dyes by Alicia Hall

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